BREAKING: Oklahoma Is Leaving -Tells Biden It’s OUT

Oklahoma is leaving. The state just told President Joe Biden that it is out — and there’s nothing Biden can do about it. This is an amazing development.

During an appearance on Fox News, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) announced that “it is time to end the federal incentive that is incentivizing people to stay at home,” referring to the federal unemployment bonus.

In many cases nationwide, the federal bonus — which is on top of unemployment benefits already paid out by states — resulted in people getting paid more to stay at home than to work.

As a result, employers have had a difficult time hiring and keeping employees. After all, if unemployment benefits are paying more than a person’s previously held job, where’s the incentive to work?

As Stitt put it, “We want to opt-out of the federal program that’s been incentivizing people and they’re making more money staying at home and we want to get people back to work.”

Several states with Republican governors are doing just that, while states run by Democrats are keeping the federal bonus, thereby slowing their economic recovery and continuing the labor shortage.

Read the full story here.

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  2. Your name and information have been sent to the IRS. You will pay your fair share of taxes.

  3. How dumb can the dems be that they can’t see that giving handouts to those that don’t want to work will cause untold problems for our country. I can’t believe that there aren’t some dems with common sense and that aren’t afraid to speak their minds.

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