BREAKING: Ohio Sends HUMILIATING Message To Biden – Hahaha

Ohio residents are causing quite a stir with their ‘offensive’ license plates.

“Ohio censors at the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles are seemingly untroubled by a very public character assessment of President Joe Biden after they approved vanity license plate B1DNSUX alongside JAN 6 DC for general circulation this year,” reports Breitbart News.

“One driver took a photo of the JAN 6 DC plate in Chillicothe,” reports Breitbart News. “She sent an email to NBC4 Columbus outlining her mortification at what she was seeing on the road ahead:”

“I was shocked to see an Ohio vanity license tag clearly supporting the January 6th insurrection, a shameful event that has resulted in many participants being charged with crimes — misdemeanors and felonies –including charges of seditious conspiracy against the United States Government,” the email read.

“How this could be approved by the Ohio BMV is beyond me. I was also disturbed that anyone would drive around blatantly showing such disrespect for the rule of law, but I guess that’s where we live now,” she added to the email.

“That driver was not alone in being taken aback. Another from Delaware – who asked to remain nameless – snapped an image of a truck proudly bearing the plate B1DNSUX,” reports Breitbart.

A simple question followed: “I would like to know if the BMV still reviews vanity plate requests for inappropriate content?”

Joseph Haig is the owner of the plate. Haig also owns a painting business. Like many small business owners, he’s been hurt by increased costs, reported

“I got the license plate because I didn’t like the gas prices, I didn’t like that my rent had gone up, I didn’t like that the food and formula and diapers for my baby had gone up and was becoming harder to find, and I blamed the current administration,” he said.

“I did think it was funny,” said Haig. “I also didn’t think it would get approved. It was kind of like a joke to the teller that was doing the paperwork. And she said, ‘Spell it out.’ So I wrote it on a piece of paper, and she laughed, and she gave me a paper copy.”

“For three weeks I didn’t think the hard copy was ever going to come — and then,” Haig said with a smile, “it came.”

“Most people like the license plate,” Haig said, “and it’s a good talking point.”

“Very few negative feedbacks compared to the positive feedback,” he said. “It makes my day every time somebody gives me a thumbs up. … I’ve even had somebody get out of a car at a Wendy’s and pound on my window and tell me that he loved it.”

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