BREAKING: Officials Sound Alarm – ‘Tsunami Is Coming’

Top officials just sounded the alarm on COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus. A “tsunami” could be coming and people — especially the healthcare system — need to prepare for it. This is stunning.

“The word that is often used to me is a continuous ‘tsunami,'” said Chris Hopson with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). London hospitals are reportedly concerned about “wave, after wave, after wave,” of the virus.

In addition to the infection numbers rising, the NHS is also concerned about “staff sickness, with some facilities seeing 50 percent of medics struck down by coronavirus or self-isolating with symptoms,” reported Breitbart.

Here’s the problem: A lack of hospital beds. The NHS is already being pushed, however, one wave after another of the virus — with serious overlap occurring — could place UK’s healthcare system in dire straits.

In the United States, as positive cases are rising due to increased testing, our many county, state, and private hospitals are also being stretched thin, especially in the more heavily populated areas.

However, some would argue that the diversification in our healthcare system — which has also remained largely private — may work to the country’s benefit. Please keep all medical workers worldwide in your prayers.

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