BREAKING: Official EXPUNGEMENT Notice – Trump Gets Win

President Trump just put Congress on notice. He would like to see his impeachment record expunged from Congress on the grounds that the impeachment was an obvious hoax.

Getting an official recognition of impeachment’s baseless nature would be a huge symbolic win for the President.

When answering questions from reporters, Trump was asked about the issue. He responded forcefully, saying, “Should they expunge the impeachment in the House? They should because it was a hoax. It was a total political hoax.”

Democrats have taken solace in the fact that they can say President Trump has been impeached.

As meaningless a statement as that is, it may not apply for long. It would not be surprising to see Trump working with Senate Republicans to purge impeachment for good.

It is important Trump sends a message. Impeachment is a tool reserved to try a President of a provable crime. Impeachment should never again be used as a political weapon.

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