BREAKING: Official Decision REJECTS Joe Biden Presidency – He’s DONE

Not only are the overwhelming majority of Americans just rejecting Joe Biden in general, they have differing opinions on the man in almost every key area.

It’s not like Biden’s struggling with the economy but he completely fixed COVID.

Even though he’s been printing money left and right, Americans are still poor.

It’s not like for every bad thing Joe does there’s a good thing waiting to be revealed.

In fact, it’s more like for every bad thing Joe Biden does, there are ten additional terrible things that the White House just refused to tell us.

Biden is failing on ALL FIVE of the biggest issues facing America today:

Only 44% of Americans approve of his handling of job creation.

Just 44% of Americans approve of Biden’s job fighting terrorism.

Fewer than 42% of Americans believe he is succeeding on immigration.

The same number think he’s doing a good job on “administering the government.”

A paltry 40% agree with his handling of foreign affairs.

The man is failing, no matter how you look at it.

2024 can’t come soon enough.

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