BREAKING: Offices RAIDED… Biden Family In Panic Mode

News broke that Ukrainian authorities have conducted raids on the party headquarters of the former President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. The Biden’s are in panic mode, as rumors are swirling that the raids exposed a lot of evidence.

Poroshenko had been closely supported by the former Obama administration and had notable ties to then-Vice President Joe Biden.

The head of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council says Poroshenko stole computers with classified information.

The former Ukrainian President is denying the allegations but its only a matter of time before the raid documents determine the truth.

What is of great concern is the political impact of this whole situation. Poroshenko was an oligarch who has been long suspected of corruption involving his business dealings.

Joe Biden’s involvement in Ukraine, along with that of his son Hunter, could end up playing a role in investigations into Poroshenko. This raid further reinforces the point that there is rank corruption in Ukraine that needed to be investigated.

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