Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just shocked the nation with a major quitting announcement on Sunday.

The freshman representative announced via podcast that she has quit Facebook and is limiting her consumption of other forms of social media.

This news is quite the surprise, as Ocasio-Cortez has achieved notoriety in large part due to her love of Twitter and Instagram.

Ocasio-Cortez claimed that her decision to quit was caused by the “health risks” of social media. She claimed that “I actually think that social media poses a public health risk to everybody.”

She qualified her anti-social media rant by admitting that you might see her “hop on twitter every once in a while”, but she takes weekends off of consumption of content.

Breitbart pointed out that Ocasio-Cortez has been active on Twitter every single day of April so far. The only break she’s actually taken from social media is when she took time out of her busy Tweeting schedule on Sunday to tell America that social media is making us depressed and addicted.

Read the full story here.

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