[BREAKING]: Ocasio-Cortez CAUGHT Tweeting This…Oh My Gosh

Socialist Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was just caught tweeting more absurdities and, this time, it may have doomed her chances at re-election. She is utterly clueless.

After the federal government’s much-publicized settlement with Equifax over their 2017 data breach, Ocasio-Cortez, seizing the moment, said that people should “go get your check from Equifax!”

She added that “$125 is a nice chunk of change,” clearly not understanding that if everyone successfully made a claim, there’s be far less than $125 a person to go around.

In fact, since $31 million was set aside for these payouts, each of the 147 million people affected by the Equifax breach would receive under a quarter. That’s right — that’s less than 25 cents.

For her own sake, Ocasio-Cortez better hope that constituents didn’t act upon her advice and expect $125 back. Most people simply won’t be getting that much; it’s basic math.

Of course, the congresswoman soon had to walk back her comment with a suggestion that is going to sound significantly less enticing to people: Claim free credit monitoring from Equifax instead.

Read the full story here.

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