BREAKING: Obstruction CHARGES – Top Republican Verified It…

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) said on a local Alabama radio program that House Democrats’ obstruction of Congress article of impeachment is a “pile of poop,” referencing an earlier tweet he sent referring to the whistleblower report in the same manner.

Brooks pointed out that Trump’s claims of executive privilege to prevent some of his officials and associates from testifying at impeachment hearings were within his rights and that they should be settled by the courts, not by an article of impeachment.

you don’t go around impeaching the president of the United States when you yourself have not even bothered to get a judicial order that supports your viewpoint,” Brooks said. “That’s what the House of Representatives is doing.”

Many Republicans have pointed out that neither of the articles of impeachment against Trump are demonstrated state or federal crimes.

In fact, they are rather vague and weak, and don’t show any clear evidence of wrongdoing by Trump. This is why the public is losing interest in impeachment and the majority no longer supports either impeachment or removal of Trump from office.

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