BREAKING: Obama REVERSAL Stuns Nation – He Is…

Mike Bloomberg has been running ads that make it seem like Obama endorses him, but in reality there was no love lost between them for many years.

Bloomberg didn’t endorse Obama in 2008, and he didn’t endorse him in 2012 until five days before the election. in the op-ed where Bloomberg finally endorsed Obama, he called his first term “disappointing” and faulted him for neglecting gun control, immigration and other legislative priorities.

In 2014, Bloomberg called Dodd-Frank and Obamacare “really dysfunctional” and “stupid laws.” Obama, he said in 2016, was elected just for his skills as a speaker.

“He’s a decent speaker and he’s done some good things as president of the United States,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “But that’s not a reason to give him a job, and yet that is the basis on which the public picked him.”

The more information that comes out about Bloomberg, the more he seems like a typical disingenuous politician, just like the rest of them on the left.

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