BREAKING: Obama Presidential Announcement – Democrats In Shock

A reporter for the Washington Post, Robert Costa, floated the idea that Democrats should repeal the 22nd Amendment and clear the way for another term for former President Barack Obama.

This take came after Obama’s speech at the DNC that had the Democrat elite yearning for years past when they didn’t have to run Joe Biden as their candidate.

Costa pointed out how Obama is still a desirable asset for the Democrat party. With an unsure future beyond 2020, there certainly are questions for the whole party.

Regardless of the results in November, any Democrat will agree that this situation cannot be allowed to happen again.

Biden’s ascent to the Democrat party’s nominee was far from uncontroversial. The Democrat primary in many ways may have done long term damage to the party, and someone like Obama may be needed to fix it.

Of course, repealing the 22nd Amendment would be extremely difficult for a political party that spent the past four years accusing President Trump of being a dictator.

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