BREAKING: Obama Gets Humiliated – Trump Wins Again

Democrats, not least former President Obama, have been humiliated by President Trump yet again. Despite the ongoing pandemic that has left millions of American’s unemployed, Trump’s approval numbers rival Obama’s in 2012.

This is great news for Republicans as President Trump is doing a fantastic job of weathering the storm.

President Trump’s road to reelection got significantly harder when his roaring economy was crushed by the coronavirus pandemic. Regardless of the economic devastation, Trump is doing well.

At this time in 2012, President Obama had a 48% approval rating. President Trump has a 45.5% approval rating – in the midst of a pandemic.

The news gets even better for President Trump when factors such as Trump’s hidden support are accounted for. Many Americans who won’t say they are voting for Trump will be voting in November as they did in 2016.

Another factor will be the contrast with presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden. As November draws near and Americans get better comparisons between Trump and Biden, Trump’s advantage will rise.

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