BREAKING: Obama Did It – Sabotage Evidence Rocks DC

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) wondered Tuesday why a newly declassified email from former National Security Adviser Susan Rice to herself had ever been classified in the first place and criticized FBI Director Christopher Wray for not releasing it sooner.

Johnson also accused Obama administration officials of trying to “sabotage” the incoming Trump administration based on the content of the email.

“Where has Christopher Wray been in all this?” Johnson asked. “He should have gone to the FBI. He should have cleaned house. He should have made all this available. But he hasn’t done that.”

Johnson pointed out that the FBI’s credibility was at risk because of cover ups like this one.

“We need to restore the integrity and credibility to these agencies,” Johnson said. “And this is not the way to do it, by keeping this stuff covered up for over three years.”

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