BREAKING: Obama Child Sex Bombshell – Nation Is Stunned

Back in May of 2018, former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama signed an agreement with Netflix to produce shows for the streaming platform.

Now the pair have been remarkably quiet after Netflix released a film called Cuties, which has been widely condemned as borderline child porn.

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, closely connected with the Obamas, is also sitting on Netflix’s executive board, but as yet she has issued no comment on the controversial film.

The release of Cuties sparked a massive backlash as the hashtag #CancelNetflix trended and hundreds of thousands have committed to canceling their subscriptions.

The film depicts highly sexualized dancing by real child actors. Other scenes are extremely sexualized and the agenda behind the film is clear for all to see.

Progressives loudly proclaim their care for children, but as yet have raised no objections to the blatant child pornography in Cuties. Normalizing child sexuality has been part of the progressive agenda for years and it is time more people ask the Obamas why they would sanction and have their name associated with child porn in America.

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