BREAKING: Obama Back In White House – GOP Is Stunned

Former President Barack Obama is back in the White House. The GOP is stunned — he keeps finding ways to control the DC swamp.

According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Obama and President Joe Biden “consult and talk about a range of issues and I would expect that continues through the course of President Biden’s presidency.”

Truly, this has been Obama’s third term, but far more radical. The political climate is so polarized now, with the far-left steering the Democratic Party, Biden is doing things Obama only dreamed about.

For the most part, it sounds like they communicate by phone. But Psaki noted that “if President Obama had been here, you would all know,” referring to an in-person visit from the former president.

Psaki delivered these remarks to reporters during a press conference. She was asked how many times the two leaders have spoken, and all she could say is that they “keep in regular touch.”

So far, she has been less than impressive — oftentimes unable to answer simple questions. By contrast, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was always on point during her time with the Trump administration.

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10 Responses

  1. Obiden/Obumer administration is back in action. Of course it is these two corrupt individuals have never really stopped with their plan to mess up America. That is a given! Wake up America, they only care about themselves. Nothing has changed.
    These are two people that are against doing what is right for as Hilary C. calls the deplorables or little people. They look down on many.

    1. How to DESTROY a country in just 6 months… CHEAT in an election, Screw the American people out of trillions of tax dollars, Let in thousands of criminals over the borders, Destroy our teaching system with liberal NUT jobs, LIE and DECEIVE the idiot KIDS that are now of voting age but have NOT a brain in their ignorant heads. Break every law THEY wrote on the books, and last but not least, start a WAR.

  2. I really hoped we had rid our country of Hussein Obama. I suppose he and the racist wife will probably move in to the White house to coach Joey on how to bankrupt our country. When Hussein obama first ran for president, did anyone pay attention to his brother’s interview? He predicted what his brother had planned.

  3. Did you ever see how well Africa was run while the DUTCH took over? Everyone ate and had clean water, jobs etc. Ever see what Africa looks like AFTER they wanted their independence and threw out the Dutch? EVERYTHING they touch they destroy. EVERYTHING ! It’s like a VIRUS, a CANCER that just spreads everywhere. Led by the anti christ Ovomit. It’s all about power for the very few… that could care less about human beings.

  4. This has to stop and obama needs to stay out of it . they need to go after obama ant prosecute him for interfering with presidential decisions. This is outrages. Unreal.

  5. We did not vote for Obama did we ? Did I miss something on the ballot ?
    I believe however it can be done and quickly to eliminate this past election.
    Those who have been starch Demos no longer for a long, long time have not had any good people to vote for. So give it up, you see and now realize what is going on unless your blind. Let us get this mess straightened out. It is only going to get worse. I am old, but still know what is going on. Anyone hear his speech ? That tells the whole story.

  6. Sleepy Joe doesn’t know he won and is still running for election. Watching his first press convenience was sad day for america. Using a book to buy time to listen to his handlers tell him what to say. He answered many question by making campaign promises on the needs of america. Print and spend money paying back all his supports giving the least to those that need it the most before his has to step down handing america to Karmella the high price gall girl.


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