BREAKING: Obama ATTACKED – Completely Unexpected…

Former President Barack Obama was just publicly attacked. The entire event was completely unexpected and people are stunned. No one knows what is going to happen next.

According to the Global Times, the Chinese government’s propaganda arm, the “escalating racial tension” in the U.S. is not only Trump’s fault,” but the problem also “stems from years of negligence by the Obama administration.”

Now, China is simply trying to sow bad will against the United States — and it doesn’t matter to them how it is done. One day they attack Trump, and the next day it is Obama. One thing is abundantly certain: They will attack.

However, it is rather ironic to note that many are asking the question about Obama’s actual progress on race relations, with some political observers bluntly calling out the Democrats for being all talk.

During a fascinating radio interview, conservative superstar Rush Limbaugh challenged the show’s host, Charlamagne tha God, about support for Democrats, saying they “haven’t done a damn thing for you.”

“Why do you keep supporting them?” continued Limbaugh. Charlamagne said, “I don’t disagree with you. “That’s why I’m not letting nobody politicize black pain … just because they’re trying to win an election in November.”

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