BREAKING: Obama ADMITS It – Law Enforcement Shocked

If you expected Bill Barr to back down, prepare to be disappointed.

During a recent interview with NPR, Barr attacked the idea of systemic racism in law enforcement. In doing so, the attorney general pointed to an admission from former President Barack Obama who admitted in 2016 that the African-American community had an absurdly high murder rate.


Obama said,

It is absolutely true that the murder rate in the African-American community is way out of whack compared to the general population. And both the victims and the perpetrators are black, young black men.”

Mainstream media and politicians prefer to sweep the problem of violence in the African-American community under the rug. Officer-involved shootings generate more news but in reality, the police are low on the list of threats to the African-American community.

Obama continued saying, “We can’t put the burden on police alone. It is going to require investments in those communities. It’s going to require making sure the schools work.”

Even Barack Obama, who is often seen as a saint by the left, supports America’s police departments. Modern leftists have gone too far in attacking law enforcement.

Read the full story here.

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