BREAKING: Now It’s WAR – Trump Makes It Official

President Donald Trump has always been a person who says what he thinks–sometimes to a fault.

Last year, he called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) a “third-rate politician” and she hasn’t spoken to him since. Now, he has declared war on Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), calling him the “least effective” Republican senator and “little” after Sasse apparently accused him of “kissing dictators’ butts” and other such behavior on a phone call with Senate colleagues.

Of course, Trump was not happy that Sasse dissed him like that, but did he really have to use words like “stupid and obnoxious” to describe Sasse’s behavior when he has a confirmation vote for Amy Coney Barrett coming up next week that needs 51 Republican votes?

On the one hand, it takes guts to insult people who at times hold your political outcomes in their hands. On the other hand, I don’t favor name-calling and wish Trump would tone it down a few notches with the vulgar insults.

Sure, he can tell Sasse that he is a hypocrite for being nice to Trump when he needs his endorsement, but he can do it without coming across like a jerkoff himself. That would be a sight to behold, and would be infinitely more satisfying than the kind of middle school name-calling that normally fly from the President’s Twitter account on a regular basis.

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