BREAKING: North Korea Shocks World – Drops Bomb On…

South Korea reported that North Korea bombed the joint liason office between the two countries in Kaesong on Tuesday, destroying it.

The bombing occurred about a week after the north stopped answering the phone in the office that was meant to keep healthy communication between the two nations going. The two nations spoke on the phone twice a day since the office was built in 2018.

North Korean state media blamed the bombing on human rights activists that sent flyers containing news of the outside world and bottles containing rice and other essentials from the south to the north.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in ordered police to antagonize the activists in an attempt to appease the north, but it apparently didn’t work.

South Korean media experts speculate that the bombing might be a diversion to distract from conditions inside North Korea, where an emergency hospital is being rapidly constructed despite the nation’s claims that it has not had any coronavirus cases.

Read the full story here.

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