BREAKING: North Korea ATTACKS – White House Stunned

North Korea just attacked and the White House is stunned. While the United States deals with chaos in the streets and the COVID-19 pandemic with the rest of the world, Kim Jong-un’s communist regime is trying to take advantage of the situation in a diabolical way.

“We have decided to take a series of retaliatory actions to punish the betrayers and human scum,” printed Rodong Simmun, a publication specifically established to tout North Korea’s communist government. Their stated target: South Korea. The situation could be getting dangerous.

Already, North Korea has destroyed — yes, completely leveled it in a show of military force — the joint liaison office set up to help facilitate communication between the North and South. The office was located in the border city of Kaesong until this week.

“As was declared, the north-south joint liaison office will come into destruction and the right to taking the next action against the enemy will be entrusted to our army,” continued Rodong Simmun. Any hope of mending the relationship between the two countries is likely gone now.

According to reports, it appears that North Korea’s government is frustrated by leaflets being sent via “balloons and other methods” over the North Korean border by activists challenging the one-side narrative being put forth by Kim Jong-un’s tyrannical regime.

South Korea is ready to respond to any aggression from the North, however. “We are closely monitoring North Korean military’s moves and are maintaining a firm military readiness posture,” said Col. Jun-rak, speaking on behalf of South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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