BREAKING: No Debates For Joe – White House Stunned

Shocking news about Joe Biden just dropped and the White House is stunned. The presumptive Democratic nominee might not debate President Donald Trump at all. This is unbelievable.

“Whatever you do, don’t debate Trump,” wrote Joe Lockhart in an op-ed for CNN. Lockhart previously served President Bill Clinton as one of his press secretaries. He called such a debate with Trump “an impossible contest to win.”

Of course, Lockhart never brings up Biden’s mental decline — he instead puts the blame on Trump for allegedly making “more than 20,000 misleading or false statements,” so a debate would put Biden in the position of “correcting him” repeatedly.

As such, this isn’t a debate Lockhart wants Biden to even entertain, even though it is a risk to cancel debates in the first place. But let’s be honest: This is all about Biden’s cognitive state. Democrats know he won’t be able to cut it on stage.

By all means, though, Biden is free to walk away — he will look like even more of a coward and Trump will win by default. This will have a domino effect and lead to a major reelection victory for Trump on November 3.

The numbers are already leaning in Trump’s direction. According to a recent poll by the Democracy Institute, Trump is currently leading Biden nationally and in “the swing states of Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.”

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