BREAKING: Nikki Haley Confirms – She’s Doing It

Nikki Haley is making it official.

Haley called on President Donald Trump to release an official report on the number of Palestinian refugees are receiving aid from the United Nations.

“Very important that the Trump administration declassify the report that provides a current estimate of the number of Palestinian refugees who are receiving support,” said Haley in a recent tweet. “This goes to the heart of speaking hard truths in the name of moving peace forward.”

Originally, there was aid allocated for Palestinian refugees who were displaced by the conflict in 1948. But some are pointing out the aid program has strayed from its original purpose.

Fox News reports that critics claim “UNRWA no longer serves its original purpose, and instead operates using a broad definition — including descendants of Palestinian refugees, as well as people who have become residents in other countries and are no longer displaced.”

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