BREAKING: Newt Gingrich Election Announcement – GOP Stunned

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) just issued a stunning announcement about the upcoming election — and even the Republican Party is shocked. This changes everything.

Appearing on Fox News, Gingrich weighed in on President Donald Trump’s prospects on November 3. “I’m predicting that it will be a dramatically bigger victory than people currently expect,” he said to host Jesse Watters.

“We don’t have to want to make stuff up,” Gingrich continued. “We don’t have to invent some post office phony scandal. We just have to tell the truth about how radical these people are.” As per usual, he couldn’t be more right.

In addition to pointing out all of Trump’s progress over the last four years, the Republican Party needs to remain focused on exposing Democrats — on showing that there really is a difference. There is no way the Biden-Harris ticket can survive.

Gingrich said that even though there was “rioting every day for 90 days,” the two Democrats were completely silent about it. “Neither Biden nor Kamala was willing to say a word about Antifa, [not] a word about a level of crime,” he said.

When Americans head to the ballot box in November, they are going to remember who called out the violence and did something about it — and also who tried to capitalize on it for political gain. The choice couldn’t be more clear.

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