BREAKING NEWS: White House Resignation – Nation Stunned

Democrats in the Senate just sent a letter to the White House demanding the resignation of White House Senior Adviser Steven Miller.

The reason for their demands is spurious. The calls for resignation are based off of allegations that Miller is a white supremacist.

The issue is the allegations are just that, allegations. No proof of Miller being a white supremacist has been presented.

One of the reasons cited was Miller’s involvement with Breitbart News. This despite the fact that, according to a study by MIT and Harvard, Breitbart News is right-wing, not white supremacist or “alt-right.”

Other spurious accusations were thrown around about Miller, but ultimately nothing substantial was presented.

Democrats are simply trying to pressure President Trump into removing a key part of his administration. Steven Miller was picked by President Trump for a reason – the right of a President to pick his advisors should not be taken away.

Read the full story here.

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