Breaking News | Trump DIAGNOSIS – Major Announcement…

A major announcement about President Trump just dropped and millions are stunned. This ‘diagnosis’ is an ill-timed and shocking one, but many rightly believe it’s politically motivated.

Former Barack Obama’s primary care physician, Dr. David Scheiner, appeared on CNN with host Erin Burnett and attempted to paint Trump as potentially unhealthy. He went so far as to suggest a neurological disorder.

“Maybe he had chest pain,” said Scheiner about Trump’s recent visit to Walter Reed Hospital. “Maybe he had some neurologic — I think he is someone who has some neurological issues which no one has ever really addressed.”

Scheiner explained his opinion by accusing Trump of “having trouble word-finding” and said that he should “have an MRI of his head over there … I think he needs it.”

It is just like CNN to bring on Obama’s doctor to give a drive-by analysis of Trump’s health, but this is exactly what CNN has become over the years: A blatantly partisan attack dog that rarely reports actual news.

There aren’t any indications that Trump is in poor health, especially for a 73-year-0ld man. He has more energy and vitality than many people half his age, which is obvious even at recent campaign rallies.

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