BREAKING NEWS: Top Democrat Found DEAD – He’s Gone

Famous former Democrat Senator Birch Bayh was just found dead by his family at 91. The family announced that the cause of death was pneumonia, but did not comment further on the matter.

Previous to his stint in government, Bayh also served in the Army in Allied-occupied Germany. After his time in the military, he was elected to the Indiana House of Representatives.

Bayh then moved on and served as a Democrat Senator for the state of Indiana from 1963 to 1981. Bayh rose to prominence by authoring two successful constitutional amendments.

The first amendment sponsored by Bayh was the 25th amendment, which changed the procedure for presidential succession in the event of death, disability, or resignation.

The other amendment successfully drawn up and passed by Bayh was the initiative to lower the national voting age to 18. Both constitutional amendments had a major and lasting political impact.

Bayh has been out of public office for many decades, but his son continued the family legacy. Evan Bayh held his father’s former Senate seat for over a decade, and also served as the 46th governor of Indiana.

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