BREAKING NEWS | Senate Votes ‘YES’ – 80 to 15 – Historic Victory

The Senate just said ‘yes’ in an 80 to 15 vote. It was yet another historic victory for President Trump, much to the dismay of hyper-partisan Democrats.

In spite of 15 senators who couldn’t bring themselves to do the right thing, Trump’s nominee to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, Barbara Lagoa, was easily confirmed. Now the 11th Circuit has a Republican-appointed majority.

Trump has also flipped the 2nd and 3rd circuits into Republican control, cementing a historic moment for his presidency. He continues to get the job done — even during a shameful impeachment witch-hunt.

There is no question that national policy will be affected over time. Trump has remained committed to nominating judges at all levels that believe in the rule of law and constitutional fidelity.

This is one of the reasons why Democrats want him gone by any means necessary: Balance is returning to the judicial branch and they cannot stand the competition.

Simply put, when Democrats can’t win in Congress, they rely on liberal judges to do their bidding instead. But this era of judicial activism is coming to a close, whether they like it or not.

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