BREAKING NEWS: Mueller Report Release Decision – Democrats Are Stunned

Attorney General William Barr has finally decided on the official release date for the hotly anticipated Mueller report.

A Justice Department official confirmed the rumors, announcing that the report will be released on Thursday morning.

William Barr has chosen to release a redacted version of the report. Democrats have been frothing at the mouth for the full version, but Barr has declined to comply with their demands.

The Daily Caller reports that the DOJ is scheduled to release the 400 page report detailing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings to both Congress and the public.

White House Lawyers have been briefed on the report, and no executive action has been taken to block release of any part of the report.

When Mueller first released the report to the Justice Department in March, Barr indicated that he would release the report to the public in April. Barr has fulfilled the promise, much to the chagrin of Democrat conspiracy theorists.

Read the full story here.

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