BREAKING NEWS: Mueller Report RELEASE Announcement – It’s Set

A shock Mueller report announcement just came from an unlikely place: the massive online retailer, Amazon.

According to The Epoch Times, “Amazon started the presale of the print version of the final report from the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller on March 6.”

When the outlet reached out to Amazon for comment, a representative confirmed the rumors. The representative stated that the listings are indeed authentic, but refused to elaborate further.

Amazon currently lists two different books entitled “The Mueller Report.” One version lists Robert Mueller as the author, and the other lists the Washington Post as the author. Both versions claim to contain the final report from Mueller himself.

Robert Mueller has declined to announce an official date for the release of the official document. However, Amazon’s publish date is slated for March 26th.

Rumors have reached a fever pitch within the last several weeks, with speculation about the official release of the report running wild. As the Mueller probe reaches the second year mark, the entire nation is waiting impatiently for the results of the investigation.

Read the full story here.

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