BREAKING: Newest Evidence DESTROYS Biden – It’s Over

There are at least seven pieces of information that corroborate Tara Reade’s accusation that presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in a hallway in 1993 when he was a senator and she worked for his office.

Two former neighbors recall Reade telling them about her time working with Biden, one to whom she detailed the assault and one she just told about harassment by a former boss. Reade’s younger brother also said she told him about the assault back when it happened.

An anonymous friend confirmed the details of the assault but didn’t want to be identified. Reade’s mother called into Larry King’s radio show in 1993 to ask what they could do about her daughter’s “problems” with a prominent senator.

And most convincingly, Reade’s ex-husband said in a 1996 court document that she had told him about harassment by Biden and that it had traumatized her for a long time.

Breitbart’s John Nolte points out that out of Reade and Biden, Reade acts like she has nothing to hide while Biden acts like he has something to hide. Biden is preventing anyone from looking at sealed records from that time period to see if there is a harassment complaint from Reade, as she claims to have filed.

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