BREAKING: New York Times Is GUILTY – Evidence Is Clear

Breitbart News columnist John Nolte pointed out on Friday that the New York Times said in 1995 that most of the beaches would be gone by 2020, and that their dire predictions hadn’t come true.

The Times said beaches were already disappearing at the rate of 2-3 feet every year in 1995, but that has not materialized as they had said.

The fact that scientists behind the Times article were so wrong about the last 25 years should give us pause about believing their current predictions about the year 2100, Nolte said.

“If someone is 0-43 with their predictions, only a fool would believe prediction number 44,” he declared.

He said that these repeated false predictions were proof that climate scientists and their government handlers had an “agenda.”

Read the full story here.

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5 Responses

  1. Their agenda is to keep taxing the citizens
    We are the only country that has dropped our emissions down considerably. Like to know where all the money is going, something we don’t hear about

  2. NY Times is a DNC mouthpiece and nothing more! They fell to nothing years ago–They ought to send ALL their writing directly to the DUMP as it is ALL Trash!!

  3. It’s unbelievable of the complete falsehoods that the left will put out to the American people and a lot of them will believe it. America needs to wake up before it is too late.
    We all need to pray and ask GOD to forgive our sins and come back to Him. Praise to our FATHER

  4. I have seen it in their editorials many times over the years. Have not bought or subscribed in about 9 years and blowoff their editorials, but good fiction or for a laugh…

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