BREAKING: New York Shocks Nation With EXIT Announcement – They’re LEAVING…

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) called his campaign for New York governor a “rescue mission” for the state Friday in an interview with Breitbart host Jonathan Gilliam.

“There are no rallies that are going on Down [South] today where everyone’s talking about how they hit their breaking point and they’re moving to New York. Everybody is going the opposite direction,” he said, noting that New York was leading the country in population loss.

He continued, “For us in New York, I feel truly like the state is hitting a breaking point, and I’ve had every single day – every day – I have New Yorkers tell me, ‘If you don’t win, I’m leaving.'”

Zeldin was referencing high crime rates, excessively high taxation, and hyper-regulation that are plaguing the state because of decades of Democrat rule.

“As one person said to me — and he was right when he said it — ‘This isn’t some regular campaign. This is a rescue mission,’” Zeldin concluded.

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