BREAKING: New Video Proves Joe Biden Is GUILTY – Nation In Shock

A new video just proved that President Joe Biden is guilty. Millions of people across the nation are completely shocked and demanding justice.

“The Biden Administration finally allowed two journalists and a film crew to enter the Border Patrol migrant child detention center in Donna, Texas,” reported Breitbart News this week.

“The resulting photos and video show the conditions where more than 4,100 children are held in a facility with a capacity of 250 — 1,700 percent above capacity,” the report continued.

Remember when Biden and the Democrats screamed about “kids in cages” during the 2020 election? Well, apparently, this is no longer a concern to them — the photos speak for themselves.

Biden’s open border policies — which included reflexively and dangerously overturning all of Trump’s border security measures — resulted in a massive influx of illegal immigration. It was predictable.

In fact, Biden even encouraged a border surge with his own words. Now, Biden has a national security and humanitarian crisis on his hands, with innocent children caught in the middle of it all.

Read the full story here.

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15 Responses

  1. Joe lied on the boarder crisis I can’t believe that after lies for 50 years he must be telling the truth in his old age he doesn’t want to go to Hell oh wait that’s right he’s catholic he can go to confession and all is well it’s a joke I love the catholic people They don’t care for abortion Joe not president ever

    1. You are right about Dementia Joe being a LIER. He speak with his mouth but people do NOT listen. He says he is a Catholic, But we know he is LIEING. We know because his MOUTH told us so, When in the debates with TRUMP, OBIDEN spoke in Arabic ( Allah willing ) . OBIDEN is clearly a MUSLIM, Once again LIEING to everyone!!! WAKE UP AMERICA

  2. Is ANYONE surprised that Bumbling Biden is crooked? He was the “big man” that was getting a 10% cut on son Hunter’s illegal dealings! He is a lying, cheating, corrupt, unethical, immoral, hypocritical DemocRAT!!

  3. The DEMO-RAT PARTY is nothing but a bunch of money and control hungry FREAKS. Their lies are so many and so great that they can not even understand themselves. FRAUD IDIOTS in offices that they do not belong.

  4. Biden is a schmozer (not schmoozer. Just my word for idiots)! He and the Dems (and the people who believe open borders is the answer) are the inhumane people for allowing such a travesty to happen to these children. They aren’t thinking about the trauma that they are going through. It’s just wrong! Plain wrong!

  5. The entire world is laughing at us for the idiots we have in the White House and wherever Harris is staying. The stole the White House and President Trump should still be there making this country great again not these two!

  6. Did you hear that the Catholic Church denied him getting communion because of his stance on abortion! Apparently Joe is not as friendly with the Catholic Church as he says he is, what a shame😈🖤

  7. He has lied and plagiarized for over 40 years. What do you expect from a not to bright demented old man. His corruption has no end.

  8. Biden and the dems should be jailed for the abuse they are heaping on the children at the border. They are the victims of a vicious political ploy. It is unthinkable what they are doing. God will smite them.

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