BREAKING: New Smollett Case Report EXPLODES – The Secret Is Out

A report on the investigation into attorney Kim Foxx over her improper handling of the Jussie Smollett case in 2019 has been released.

“The office of Special Prosecutor Dan Webb released its full 60-page ‘summary report’ Monday afternoon of its investigation into the office of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx over her improper handling of the Jussie Smollett case in 2019,” reports Breitbart News.

“Smollett was convicted earlier this month on five of six felony counts of disorderly conduct, relating to faking a hate racist and homophobic crime in 2019, blaming it on Trump supporters, and falsely reporting it to the Chicago Police Department,” reported Breitbart News.

“Foxx, who was one of several left-wing prosecutors backed by billionaire Democrat donor George Soros in his effort to push ‘criminal justice reform’ across the country, initially dropped criminal charges against Smollett, provoking public outrage,” according to Breitbart News.

“The full report does not explain why Foxx dropped charges against Smollett,” reports Breitbart News, “even though it found that she lied about when she stopped talking to Smollett’s family and continued to receive updates about the case after she had recused herself from it.”

To read more about this story and see the report, click here.

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