BREAKING: New Report Reveals Joe Biden Is In DEEP Trouble – Trump Smiling…

A new poll by CBS News/YouGov indicated that a plurality of Americans think President Joe Biden has gone too far in trying to get people vaccinated against the coronavirus.

40% said he went “too far,” while 34% said his efforts were “just about right.” 26% said he didn’t go far enough.

Those polled were split somewhat along party lines in their thinking, with 75% of Republicans saying Biden went too far while 54% of Democrats thought he was “about right” in his handling of vaccinations.

The Supreme Court struck down a vaccine mandate on employers with more than 100 employees, while upholding a mandate on health care workers in facilities that take Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Biden has also previously scolded unvaccinated Americans, and said in one speech that his “patience” with them was “wearing thin.”

Read the full story here.

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