BREAKING: New Report HUMILIATES Joe Biden – White House Furious

The mainstream media and the Biden Administration have been criticizing the police for months and months. From defund to reform, the narrative has been repeated ad nauseam.

But a new report threatens the efficacy of President Joe Biden’s efforts and is a humiliation to all those who have been cheering the doom of America’s law enforcement.

“Police and law enforcement agencies have a higher approval rating than President Joe Biden,” reports Breitbart News about a recent poll.

“The poll shows Biden has a 50 percent approval rating while police and law enforcement agencies have a 58 percent approval rating,” says the report.

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3 Responses

  1. Even some dems have a high rating for the police. Which means all the poll was taken from dems. Because no sane person would say that Biden is doing a good job. Only Trump haters that can’t see beyond their hate.

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  3. I really doubt Biden has more than a 20% approval rating & I think Police have 75% approval ratting, I trust a cop much more than Biden or a Democrat!! The news is always trying to trick us with their false facts & lies!!!

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