BREAKING: New Polling Data TERRIFIES Biden – America Wakes Up

New polling data was just released and it is terrifying Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. As we move closer to the November election, America is waking up — and it spells bad news for Biden’s chances at taking the White House.

The month of August was a time of recovery for Trump and now the polls are much tighter, especially in battleground states. Author and columnist Mollie Hemingway told Fox News that the trend is “very reminiscent of 2016.”

Hemingway recounted how “the media claimed it was almost impossible for Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination and certainly very unlikely that he would win the presidency and he turned out to win in solid fashion.”

In Wisconsin, for example, a battleground state that Trump won in 2016, Biden previously enjoyed “an 8-point lead over Trump,” noted Fox News. Now, Biden’s lead has been cut nearly in half and currently stands at an average of 4.4 points.

“If you look at Michigan and Wisconsin, and North Carolina, he has cut how much he is behind, according to this average of polls, significantly,” Hemingway continued. The Democratic Party must be coming unglued right now.

After all, Trump is surging while the Biden-Harris ticket appears to be hitting a plateau. It appears that the Democrats’ focus on defunding the police, excusing riots in our cities, and disparaging America doesn’t sit well with American voters.

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