BREAKING: New Photo Triggers Liberals – Trump Is Laughing…

A brand-new photo just triggered liberals. President Donald Trump and his entire administration are laughing — anti-Trump Democrats have finally gone off the deep end. There is no disputing it now.

Taking to Twitter, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shared a photo of his dog — a puppy named Mercer — surrounded by several play items. The inclusion of Winnie the Pooh as one of the toys sent the liberal media into a tizzy.

“Winnie the Pooh is a common derogatory nickname for Chinese President Xi Jinping,” noted the BBC in an article, attempting to draw a connection between Pompeo’s personal post and global politics. Talk about desperation.

Pompeo, clearly amused, addressed the faux controversy and said it was his “favorite conspiracy” — rejected the insinuation that he was making some kind of point allowing his dog to chew on a Winnie the Pooh toy.

“Mercer has about 30 toys that Mercer enjoys, all of them roughly, apparently, equally depending on which one our other dog wants most, as Mercer’s first choice is the one the other dog has,” said Pompeo.

Relations between the United States and China have been strained lately, with the Chinese government’s continued its assault on Hong Kong’s freedoms and the COVID-19 cover-up. But Pompeo’s post has nothing to do with that at all.

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