BREAKING: New Numbers Are Bad News For Democrats – It’s Over…

If the data was ever unclear, it isn’t now.

Democrat-led urban cities are collapsing under the weight of poor policies and gun control measures that leave innocent citizens unprotected and lawless vigilantes more emboldened to read havoc in the streets.

The most obvious example of this is Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago.

Chicago’s 51 homicides in January ties a high from January 2017. According to Breitbart News “Chicago saw 240 overall shooting victims in January–fatal and non-fatal combined–compared to 158 during January 2020.”

“The January 2021 violence comes on the heels of a 2020 that witnessed over 4,100 people shot in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago,” reports Breitbart.

To read more about this sad story, click here.

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