BREAKING: New Mexico REVERSAL – Democrats Are Fuming

New Mexico has reversed plans to provide free college to residents, a Democrat pet project, due to declining profits, making the plan financially unworkable.

Introduced by Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham back in 2019, the plan sought to provide free college to 55,000 students. Governor Grisham found out the hard way that nothing is free.

Attorney Jorge Galicia told Campus Reform, “The first thing we have to note about this whole plan is that it wasn´t even necessary for it to take into effect to notice why this is such a bad idea. Financing huge social programs with taxpayers’ money (or, in this case, oil revenue money) might work for some time, but inevitably the state will run out of money at some point, making it impossible to maintain the funding for these ambitious programs.”

Democrats have made free college a huge part of their agenda nationwide, but it is clear that such ambitious plans are pipe dreams.

Attorney Galicia continued saying, “Imagine what would have happened if the program proposed had been actually enacted before the COVID crisis. What would have the State of New Mexico done to keep the promises made to the beneficiaries of the program?”

Despite the repeated failure of Democrats to find a financially feasible path to free college, Democrats will continue to make grandiose promises.

Read the full story here.

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