BREAKING: New Kamala Harris Video Is Bad News For Democrats – He’s Speaking Out

A new video from Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) just surfaced and it has been publicly called out. This is terrible news from for the Democrats — they never expected this to happen during an election week.

“This is right out of the Cuban communist manifesto,” tweeted UFC star Jorge Masvidal, a staunch supporter of President Trump’s and someone who personally knows about the devastation of communism.

His father was born in Cuba, after all. It is why a vast majority of Cuban-Americans oppose socialism and communism and want to defend the American way of life — unlike the woke white liberals who have never appreciated this country.

And, in Harris’ video, she openly promoted this warped thinking. She talked about how “there’s a big difference between equality and equity,” and that “equitable treatment means we all end up in the same place.”

Of course, attempting to determine someone’s outcome is central to the Marxist platform — even though it is ultimately impossible for the government to force the same outcome between two people and the results are always disastrous.

It is abundantly obvious that the Democratic Party no longer cares for equality — that traditional American value that strives for equality under the law and equal opportunity. Instead, today’s Democrats push for social engineering.

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