BREAKING: New Jan. 6 Shocker Has Trump Smiling – Details Stun Democrats….

Public opinion has shifted on whether former President Donald Trump is “mainly” responsible for the January 6 Capitol breach, with more people now saying he is not or not completely responsible for protesters’ actions that day.

An NBC poll showed that the number of people who held Trump “mainly” or “solely” responsible for the events of January 6 dropped from 53% to 45%.

Those who think he is “not really responsible” or “only somewhat responsible” is now 55%.

There will be a January 6 hearing televised in prime time on Thursday June 9 at 8 p.m. during which Democrats are going to try to make Trump and Republicans look very, very bad, but it seems like a lot of their power to do so has already been lost.

Republicans also plan to respond strongly to any unfair allegations.

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