BREAKING: New Hampshire REVERSAL – Dems In Chaos

A major ‘reversal’ has been announced in New Hampshire and the Democrats are in chaos. They are trying to hold it together, but the road only leads to one place: Defeat.

During an interview with Fox News Radio’s Jessica Rosenthal, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, a Republican, said that President Trump will win in the state — unlike in 2016.

“You can’t even touch him when it comes to rallying a base and actually not just pandering, but talking and talking about successes for the middle class,” said Gov. Sununu.

In a separate interview, Stephen Stepanek, chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, also predicted a victory for Trump “based upon what we are seeing on the ground.”

Stepanek noted that there are also “closet Trump supporters” in the state who will turn out in droves — they just can’t publicly announce it because “they get attacked.”

This is terrible news for the Democratic Party and whoever becomes their nominee. With the possibility of New Hampshire being in play, Trump may win by an even larger margin this time around.

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