BREAKING: New Evidence SINKS Top 2020 Democrat – She’s Finished

New evidence just surfaced that could be the final nail in the coffin for 2020 Democrat candidate Kirsten Gillibrand.

One of Gillibrand’s top aides, Marc Brumer, was busted for making inappropriate advances on another female staffer. Brumer resigned, but it was just discovered that Gillibrand continued to pay Brumer for three months after his resignation.

Politico published a shocking report detailing another sexual assault incident perpetrated by another one of Gillibrand’s top aides, Abbas Malik. The female staffer that came forward stated that Gillibrand’s office chose to “go against [her] public belief that women shouldn’t accept sexual harassment in any form.”

Gillibrand did not fire Malik until after her mishandling of the claim was exposed by Politico in early March.

Gillibrand clearly only was forced to take action after her public image was tarnished by public claims against her staff. Although Gillibrand openly claims to support the #MeToo movement and has insisted that the future is “female”, her actions declare something entirely different.

Kirsten Gillibrand’s campaign emphasizes “intersectionality” and “gender politics.” However, if she can’t even protect her own female staffers, her campaign promises are nothing more than empty words.

Read the full story here.

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