BREAKING: New Evidence Reveals Biden’s ‘Strange’ Behavior – White House Is…

HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher dropped a bombshell on Friday saying it was “very strange” that President Biden is cutting off oil imports from Russia while simultaneously going to our enemies in Iran for oil.

Maher said during Friday’s broadcast, “When we cut off the oil from Russia, it raises the price. Because it’s fungible. Because all around the world, we’re taking, really, from the same pot, and then who gets richer from that? Vladimir Putin. I mean, there’s something very strange about Biden saying we’re going to cut off Russian oil, but I’m going to go and beg Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Iran, the people who, a few weeks ago, we cut off and wouldn’t buy their oil. Because they were the bad guy, but now they’re less the bad guy. We’ve got to find a better way to play this game than who’s the bad guy of the week we’re not buying oil from?”

Maher has basically laid out the case for an energy-independent America, something that former President Trump worked very hard to achieve.

President Biden has taken Trump’s accomplishments and thrown them in the trash. Now America is once again beholden to our oil-rich enemies despite the overabundance of oil that we have available.

Of course, President Biden has committed to making America “greener,” even if that means we will just be burning OPEC oil instead of American oil.

Apparently, fossil fuels do no damage to the environment as long as the fossil fuels are imported from the enemies that want to see us fail.

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