BREAKING: New Evidence Reveals Biden Is GUILTY – Russian Scandal Stuns Voters…

Representative Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA) dropped a bombshell during an interview with CNN’s “The Lead,” on Friday.

Representative Houlahan slammed President Biden because he hasn’t explored “all the other options that they have to be able to lower gas prices,” and is now “complicit” in funding the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Representative Houlahan said, “By funding the war by our purchasing of Russian oil and gas, we are complicit in what’s happening to the Ukrainian people and I know the American people to be an empathetic people who understand that they can participate by understanding that they can contribute possibly with their wallets, frankly. But I also understand that the administration really hasn’t explored, in my opinion, all the other options that they have to be able to lower gas prices, as well and to be able to dual-source other places for us to get that energy supply from.”

The Biden Administration has made the baffling decision to not touch the one part of Russia’s economy that would truly hurt them. If President Biden wants to truly help Ukraine, he should immediately sanction Russian energy.

Representative Houlahan continued by saying, “I think we’ve levied some of the most draconian measures on Russia, at this point in time, to punish them for Putin’s actions, and it sort of is inexplicable that one of those is not separating ourselves from the Russian oil and gas supply.”

Russia’s entire economy is based on its energy exports, and if it can’t export energy, it cannot fund the war in Ukraine.

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