BREAKING: New Evidence Finally Reveals Truth About Obama’s Past – He Knew It All Along…

New evidence just finally revealed the truth about former President Barack Obama’s past. He knew it all along and refused to come clean — now every American knows.

“The Obama administration allowed then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter to continue working at Ukrainian gas firm Burisma,” reported Breitbart News, even after corruption was highly suspected.

In fact, according to the same report, “U.S. officials established ‘strong’ evidence suggesting that the company had engaged in corrupt activities in 2014.” This didn’t seem to phase Obama at all.

Then, his administration concocted a Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ farce two years later. It goes to show that Obama, Biden, and Democrats talk about integrity and following the law, but they are all hypocrites.

It is also why they had no problem covering Hunter Biden’s tracks while he was “getting paid tens of thousands of dollars each month” at Burisma and did nothing when U.S. officials sounded the alarm.

“The U.S. investigators reportedly believed Burisma paid a $7 million bribe to local prosecutors between May and December 2014,” continued the Breitbart report. Democrats must be held accountable.

Read the full story here.

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