BREAKING: New Election Bombshell In Wisconsin – Trump Is Shocked

Three voters in Wisconsin have filed a federal lawsuit to invalidate 800,000 ballots there, a move that if it is successful would lead to a President Donald Trump win in the state and transfer its 10 electoral college votes from Joe Biden to Trump.

The suit’s argument is that the absentee ballot voting process in three counties contained illegal votes and must have their ballots invalidated. The three counties are Milwaukee, Dane and Menominee County, and all three voted heavily for Biden.

A large part of the suit’s argument is that more than three times as many voters–about 243,000–claimed to be “indefinitely confined” as had in previous elections. In March, election officials announced that the pandemic was a qualifying condition for claiming indefinite confinement, but the declaration was later clarified and the rule was reversed.

The suit also claims that clerks illegally changed information on ballot envelopes by adding witness addresses to “cure” ones that were not otherwise able to be counted, and that witness signatures may not have been verified.

The Trump campaign also plans to request a recount in the state, where Biden only led by about 20,500 votes.

Read the full story here.

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