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Senator John Thune said this week that former President Trump could be both a help and a hindrance to the GOP winning the midterms.

“Senate Minority whip John Thune said this week that Republicans ‘welcome’ former President Donald Trump’s help in taking back the Senate majority, but repeating his false claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen ‘takes our eyes off the ultimate prize,'” reported Fox News.

“President Trump still has a tremendous following among our supporters across the country and, you know, exercises that influence, or at least attempts to, on a daily basis,” Thune said. “But I think ultimately for us as Republican senators our job right now is to try to get the majority back in 2022 and provide that check and balance against this crazy Biden administration agenda.”

“Thune, who Trump last year called on to be primaried, announced this week that he will run for reelection after months of speculation. Thune said family factors were pulling him to retire but that goals to block President Biden’s agenda, implement GOP policies and potentially succeed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., as the top Republican in the Senate all factored into his decision to run for another six-year term,” reported Fox News.

Thune said that Trump can be helpful in the 2022 elections, but Thune continued on to say what the drawback of having Trump’s help would be.

“I think any time we’re talking about the 2020 election and rehashing that, it takes our eyes off the ultimate prize. And so I think most Republican senators understand that in order for us to be successful as a country that we have to get the majority back in the Senate and that means focusing on the future not the past,” Thune said. “We welcome the former president’s support of that, but would hope that he would play a constructive role and contribute to helping us win the majority back in 2022.”

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