BREAKING: New Diagnosis Rocks Joe Biden – Much Worse Than…

A new diagnosis just rocked President Joe Biden. It is much worse than he thought and the truth cannot be avoided now. Everyone knows.

“Forty-six percent of Americans now view Biden as ‘too liberal’ as of May,” reported Breitbart News. “In December 2019, before Biden took office, only 36 percent said Biden was too liberal.”

This is according to poll results released by Fox News. Shockingly, 10% of registered voters see Biden as “too conservative,” which we can only assume are the out and proud Marxists.

Even so, Biden continues to lurch left — a predictable result of the election and the political powers at play. The far-left controls the Democratic Party and there is little room for “moderates” now.

Biden may not use the same rhetoric as Sen. Bernie Sanders, but he is trying to appeal to that radical base. It is why Sanders is chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, for example.

As Biden goes forward, he would be politically wise to moderate his approach, but that isn’t going to happen — and most Americans will soon see him as “too liberal.” The 2022 midterm elections are coming.

Read the full story here.

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9 Responses

  1. Get rid of all Democrats in the United States, just politicians. They are the enemy of the American people. They are not and never will be Americans. We the American people have every right to end the Democrat Party forever.

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  2. I think most Americans knew what JOe Biden was, but they let their hatred for Trump (who has only done good for America) outweigh their rational thinking. What a shame, now look at the mess we are in.

  3. I don’t think ANYONE can say what Ole Joe thinks about anything. I don’t believe even HE knows; he is repeating what is whispered in his ear (if he can hear it) and reading what is written for him (if he can see and read). He no longer has his own opinions about ANYTHING! He never was the brightest crayon in the box. Now, he’s demented. He is a walking vegetable; it’s too LATE too blame him for anything. I want to know who his puppetteer is!

  4. Do you people REALLY THINK sleepy joe got more votes than Obama? We KNOW sleepy joe didn’t get more votes than PRESIDENT TRUMP. Therefore the sleepy guy is FAKE!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA

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